background, influences, and current practices

denise / siri / d$m / DSM

(\/) (°,,,,°) (\/)


olá! i am a mover+bodyworker that uses auriculotherapy, manual therapy techniques, and embodied practice to support your relationship with your body.

guiding mantras:
i am a microcosm of all the possible justice, liberation, play, and honesty in the universe, and i act accordingly.
to be is to be related.
your body holds all the answers.

embodied practices

◟ Capoeira ◜ House ◝ RhythmMetrics ◞ Yoga ◟ Qigong ◜ Taiji ◝ butoh ◞ Brazilian Jiu-jitsu ◟ Boxing ◜ Contact Improvisation ◝

professional training + certifications

Auricular Acupuncture & Electroauriculotherapy Practitioner Certificate (Microsystems Acupuncture Society Member)
Anatomy Trains® in Structure & Function (Structural Essentials Coursework Ongoing)
Craniosacral Therapy - Upledger Institute 1 & 2
Manual Lymphatic Drainage Massage - Level 1
Sound Bowl Training with the Healing Hum - Level 1
International Sports Academy Basic Sports Massage
Fysio Touch & Vital Motion Fitness Advanced Sports Massage
RYT-200 Yoga Alliance Certified with Tirisula Yoga Singapore
The Lab Chicago 200hr Yoga Teacher Training (cYoga, Carmen Aguilar & Moises Aguilar)

ACE Certified Personal Fitness Trainer
FRC® Mobility Specialist (FRCms)

cultural organizing education

People's Institute for Survival And Beyond (PISAB) Undoing Racism Community Organizing Workshop
PURPOSE Productions
Suicide Forest (2019 World Premiere at Bushwick Starr presented in association with Ma-Yi Theater) Engagement Series Program
ACRE (Artists Co-Creating Real Equity) in assoc. with PISAB
Urban Bush Women Summer Leadership Institute 2017 Cohort
Asian Affinity Group in assoc. with PISAB
NYC Mechanical Gardens Bike Co-op Founding Member & WTF Organizer (2015-18)
The unfortunate experience of the dissolution of the Institute of Somatics and Social Justice (Philadelphia) and its fallout
FABnyc (Fourth Arts Block) 2015-16
Emergent Strategy by adrienne maree brown


I am so grateful for and blessed by the wisdom and experience passed on to me through the many amazing teachers and colleagues on my journey. It would be remiss of me not to name these particular beings who, imperceptibly and deeply, inform the current version I am + the way I move today: Sekou Heru, Teo Yong Seng, Yumiko Yoshioka, Nia Austin-Edwards, 2017 UBW SLI Facilitating Team, Miles Tokunow, Sabina Ciari, Martell Oliver, Tucum Santos, Marmara Tobal, JP Kim, Kim Holmes, Lionel Araya, Tony McGregor, Samantha Quek, Paul Singh, Bruce Lee, Krishnamurti, Naruto, Jiraiya, Marina Mignot, and of course, my mommy Ivy Goh Cheok Yean.

I am also humbled by the support from my Life as Ceremony supporting circle (Sarahlynn Pablo, Kalina Jasper, Crystal Bright, Sofia Esteve, Kendra Prat, Maria Mercedes Yahia, Sage Lau, Melanie Greene, Crystle Dino, Brianna Taylor, Nico Towers, Esther Ohana, Ellen Oliver).